The number of companies which are in a proceeds and liquidity crisis remains high. And in a crisis situation, mutual trust between the parties involved, whether management, owners, debtors or clients, is often disturbed.

In such a situation, experienced restructuring consultants can be of special importance in overcoming a crisis and avoiding the impending insolvency of the company.

Restructuring measures (turn-around) planned play a decisive role in the assessment of the risk situation of the company, especially for investors and outside creditors. The continuation concept prepared on the basis of the company analysis is the foundation for such a decision. Most banks in Germany e.g. demand a restructuring concept pursuant to the requirements of the Institut der Wirtschatsprüfer in Deutschland e.V. (German Institute of Auditors) which complies with the requirements defined by the IDW S 6 and which provides an objective assessment of restructuring potential and credibility of the company.

Our services in the field of restructuring consultancy comprise i.a.:

  • Detailed analysis of the company and identification of causes of crisis
  • Consultancy in the case of impending insolvency
  • Preparation of restructuring measures (Catalog of Measures)
  • If necessary, preparation of a restructuring concept (observing the regulations of respective national bodies, such as e.g. in Germany pursuant to IDW S 6)
  • Support in implementing restructuring measures (turn-around)
  • Our consultants support companies in crisis situations and during the entire turn-around process.