Cost Management

Cost Management refers to the total of all procedures and processes aimed at efficient and effective dimensioning and structuring of costs. The term also refers to all measures applied in terms of cost reduction.

Cost and activity accounting including the tasks of planning, steering and control of business fields and processes is an essential part of cost management. A well-functioning cost and activity accounting system provides company management with information on business activities and enables them to identify operative risks at an early stage and to react accordingly.

In the field of cost and activity accounting we provide the following services:

  • Analysis and optimization of cost structures
  • Implementation of budgeting system
  • Implementation of cost and activity accounting systems
  • Implementation of control and planning mechanisms
  • Staff training (e.g. contribution accounting, standard cost accounting etc.)

We support you with our know-how in optimizing and thus achieving savings potential. gesamten Know-How unterstützen wir Sie dabei, Ihre Kostenstrukturen zu optimieren und somit Einsparpotentiale zu realisieren.