Business Planning

The Business Plan represents the overall company strategy and is essential as a basis for decisions on financial commitments for banks, funding bodies and private investors.

The quality of a Business Plan has a huge influence o the decision of the investor on assessing the investment or foundation project and serves as a base for continuous control of company development.

The Business Plan is therefore a coherent strategic company concept containing a detailed, accurate display of the business model and budgeting.

We provide reliable support in preparing new business plans and optimizing existing ones. In the field of Business Planning our services include the following:

  • Definition and quantification of the corporate strategy
  • Preparation of an integrated corporate planning model (P&L, Balance Sheet, Liquidity Planning)
  • Analysis of expenditure and earnings structures
  • Definition and quantification of financing strategy
  • Preparation of a good Business Plan requires close cooperation of all involved which is a precondition for successful completion of the project.