Case Studies and References

A selection of our projects:

M&A and Restructuring

Execution of Due Diligence at a production company during a liquidity crisis. Analysis of causes of crisis and elimination of insolvency situation: negotiations with creditors and restructuring of the liabilities side. Drawing up of a Business Case for a strategic investor and subsequent selling of the entire company.

Conflict Management and Company Valuation

Mediation in a dispute among partners. Our work comprised evaluation of the partners’ shares, preparation and execution of an agreement to remove one of the partners, subsequent re-structuring of the company.

Business Planning

Company analysis and drawing up of a Business Plan for a production company (Turnover: 13 million Euro, Sector: metal construction). Result: granting of a loan from the local bank. Missing security was provided by a guarantor bank in the course of acceptance of guarantee.

Company analysis and drawing up of a Business Plan for a trading company (Turnover 1.8 million Euro, Sector: entertainment electronics). Result: granting of an overdraft facility at the local bank. Provision of a supplier‘s guarantee via an insurance company.

Cost Management

Introduction of cost and activity accounting at a trading company (Turnover 4.5 million Euro, Sector: Toys trade). Analysis of cost structures of the individual business divisions. Result: Discontinuation of a business division due to insufficient profitability, fix costs reduction in other business divisions by 12 per cent p.a..

Eastern Europe

Development and penetration of Russian market for a production company (Turnover: 25 million Euro, Sector: window construction). Development of sales channels via local sales partners. Result: increase in turnover by 15 per cent p.a..

Debitor Inspection

Auditing of a trading company (Turnover 3 million Euro, Sector: chemical trade) by order of a factoring company. Result: provision of a financing line.


Improvement of factoring conditions via conclusion of a new factoring contract for a production company (Turnover 10 million Euro, Sector: mechanical engineering). Result: annual savings amounting to 20% of the original factoring costs.toringkonditionen durch Abschluss eines neuen Factoringvertrages für ein Produktionsunternehmen (Umsatz 10 Mio. Euro, Branche: Maschinenbau). Ergebnis: Jahresersparnis in Höhe von 20 % der ursprünglichen Faktoringkosten.

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